Did you know that in the year 1086, Wallington was called ‘Waletone’?

We knew this because, despite our success teaching thousands people how to drive in almost every area of London, our main office is right here in Wallington (120 The Chase, Wallington, London, SM6 8JS – If you want to send us a letter 🙂 )!

A lot has changed since 1086. Alongside the invention of the motor vehicle, ‘Waletone’ has grown from a loose collection of settlements into a modern and busy area that more than 20,000 people call home. If you’re looking for a driving school in Wallington, it’s more important than ever that your driving instructor is a ‘local’ that knows all of the best areas to teach students how to be confident and comfortable behind the wheel in this ever-growing area of South London.

Since we’re based right here in your local area, South London Driving School is the perfect choice to guide you as you learn to drive in Wallington. From Beddington Gardens, to Guy Portelli’s ‘English Lavender’ sculpture in Wallington Town Center, we know all of the best places to practice moving off, stopping, and changing gears; as well as all of the maneuvers you need to know to pass your driving test.

Being a local Wallington Driving School, our fully-qualified instructors know all of the common routes used by all of the local test centres, which means that when you’re ready for your practical driving test, you’re likely to drive on many of the same roads you have been practicing on with your instructor since day one.

Your first lesson with South London Driving School in Wallington costs just £10, with your choice of manual or automatic car. Each of our instructors are trained to the highest possible standard, using only the latest and most effective teaching methods, that we have carefully refined over the years to ensure every second of our expert driving instruction puts you one step closer to becoming a fully licensed driver that has all of the skills necessary to drive safe for life in any amount of traffic.

Even though we’re a driving school in Wallington, we operate all over South London – So we’re always happy to schedule lessons around your timetable, and put you in control of where you would like to be picked up for your driving lessons, and where you’re dropped off afterwards.

We offer a wide range of courses, from single lessons that allow you to ‘pay as you go’, through to lesson packages that allow you to save money by paying for lessons in advance. However, if you’re in a hurry, South London Driving School in Wallington also offers intensive driving courses which can take motivated learners from brand-new to fully-licensed in a matter of weeks.

Our team is standing by, waiting to help you learn how to drive in Wallington. With a first full lesson that costs just £10, what are you waiting for.

Your First Lesson Is Only £10! Contact Us Today!

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