Driving is one of the most important and useful skills you can have. It enables us to traverse great distances over an incredibly short period of time. Driving can also become a hobby or a passion for many individuals. A long drive can help you clear your mind, and the beautiful machinery of a super car can spark your creativity as an individual as well.

Booking a cab or using public transport is always an option; but, being able to drive makes the journey so much more enjoyable and more customisable as decisions such as destinations to stop at, the speed of travel, and other things like that become completely your decision.

However, there’s much more to driving than just getting into the car and holding the steering wheel. Proper training is essential to learn how to drive. High-quality London driving instructors, such as those at South London Driving School, are always available to help you lean the rules of the road and apply them in a practical fashion. But the speed that you pick up the skill of driving also depends on individual.

Some people have a strong desire to learn and natural knack controlling a motor vehicle so they tend to learn the skill very quickly, whereas some others who may not have as much confidence or as natural of an ability may take a little longer to complete the course and drive well on the road.

Time is also an important factor here. Some people take just an hour of driving lessons per week and end up taking up to 6 months to learn how to drive; whereas others take much more regular lessons and can learn everything they need to know to pass their test in just 2 months. Some people even take it one step further, and sign up for an intensive course that allows them to learn to drive in just 1-2 weeks.

While intensive courses can be convenient, they can get very expensive and may compromise your safety, and the safety of other road users. Equally, taking very few driving lessons over a very long period of time may not give you enough regular practice to become a fully competent driver.

It is important that you discuss your goals with your driving instructor, and have them outline all of the learning options you have, as well as explain the pros and cons of each of these methods to you.

Happy learning and safe driving!

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