The day is finally here. Test day. You’re just moments away from becoming a the newest driver on Britain’s roads. All you have to do is pass the test and you’ll finally be able to rip up those “L” Plates.

Almost 1.6 million people take their practical driving test every year; but only 43% of those people pass. So, even if you had access to top-quality instruction from South London Driving School, it’s still important to do whatever you can to maximize your chances of success.

Here are a few practical tips to help you succeed on test day:

1.       Don’t take the test until you’re ready

You would be surprised how many people fail their driving test simply because they haven’t taken the time to build up enough experience to pass. This may sound obvious, but don’t take the test until both you and your instructor agree that you are ready. While it’s normal to want to get to finish line as quickly as possible, if you rush to take your driving test before you are ready, you’re just wasting your time and your money.

2.       Get your revision done early

Cramming at the last minute can make many people nervous, which makes you less likely to retain the information you’re trying to remember. That’s why it’s helpful to begin revising weeks before your practical driving test, so that you’ve had a chance to gather all of the information you need well before test day.

3.       Bring your instructor with you

While your instructor cannot be in the car with you while you are taking the test, you are allowed to bring your instructor with you to the test centre. You should take full advantage of this by booking a special “Test Lesson”, which will allow your instructor to provide you with a short refresher lesson before driving you to the test centre and allowing you to complete the driving test in the car you learned to drive in.

Having that time before the test to get a quick refresher on everything you need to know, and completing the test in a car you’re already familiar with can do wonders for your confidence on test day.

4.       Eat well

Your brain needs energy to allow you to concentrate and perform at your best. Even though you may feel a little stressed out, which may give you a low appetite as a result, do not skip breakfast. Even a light breakfast or some fruit in the morning will improve your chances of success on test day.

5.       Sleep well

It is very important to get a good night sleep so that you do not take your test while tired. Avoid taking caffeine before your test, as this can make you feel more jumpy and nervous. Make sure to arrive at the test centre in good time, so that you don’t have to rush there late or you do not have to wait too long before the test begins. Stay positive during the test, focusing on passing what you have to do to pass instead of being worried about what you may do to failing the test.

Preparation is everything, and nothing can substitute for high-quality driving lessons. However, if you had high quality instruction from somewhere like South London Driving School, these tips are sure to help maximise your chances of success.